'The Boys' Season 3 Premiere: 3 Most Disturbing Scenes So Far

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Season 3 really just said "unhinged".

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for season 3 of 'The Boys'

We all know that 'The Boys' have never been loved for being family-friendly and nice. On the contrary, the series has never shied away from blood, gore, and dark jokes, but in season 3, things seem to be going out of hand.

We went through the first three episodes and gathered the most brutal and disturbing scenes for you. And when we say disturbing – we really mean it.

'I Want You Inside Me'

Episode 1 of season 3 quickly sets the gross bar pretty high. We won't go into too much detail because you definitely don't want it (trust us), but did we actually need to see a superhuman shrinking himself in order to crawl inside his boyfriend's body to have some adult playtime, and then… sneeze and accidentally blow him into bloody pieces?

Really, Amazon?

'Annual Birthday Save'

Celebrating his birthday, Homelander arrives to save a Jewish girl named Chelsea from suicide. It is a noble thing to do, right? Something a superhero would do.

Yeah, well, not when your Nazi ex-girlfriend commits suicide and they break the news to you in the middle of your rescue mission. In that case, if you're Homelander, you most certainly opt for… actually persuading the girl to jump while telling her that it's unfair if she gets saved when Stormfront – the Nazi superhuman ex-girlfriend in question – dies.

Chelsea does not want to kill herself anymore and tries to escape, but Homelander goes on to attack her and throws her down from the roof anyway, to the shock of the crowd that gathered to observe the rescue mission.

'Eat Timothy'

Even though many people argue that Soldier Boy might fight for the title of the worst person on screen in 'The Boys', in the first three episodes the honor is still exclusively Homelander's.

At some point, Homelander invites his fellow supes to a fancy dinner, with The Deep being among those invited. The Deep is famous for being able to communicate with the sea creatures – sometimes in a way that is way too creepy if you remember the scene when the superhero was having sex with a girl while watching the octopus in an aquarium in front of him and actually engaging with it rather than with his partner… but we're not talking about that.

We're talking about Homelander serving The Deep with Timothy the Octopus, still alive, during the dinner.

And when The Deep vehemently refuses to eat "his friend" – whom, might we remind you, he can hear and understand – Homelander makes him do just that. Eventually, The Deep has nothing else to do but submit, with his mouth full of ink as he eats Timothy alive.

With five more episodes of season 3 to come, we can only guess just how further this show might go. And knowing 'The Boys'... it actually might go further.

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