The Complete List of All 15 Taylor Lautner's Movies, Ranked

The Complete List of All 15 Taylor Lautner's Movies, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media, Happy Madison Productions

When "Twilight" first came out, everyone was sure that the main trio of actors would go on to wonderful careers in Hollywood, even though the material they were given certainly lacked the complexity that actors need to truly showcase their skills.

And while Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart managed to free their names from Edward and Bella's fame and relaunched themselves as daring actors, Taylor Lautner failed to capitalize on this success and remained forever the sexy wolf boy.

Here are all the movies of Taylor Lautner, in order:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you - aside from 5 "Twilight " movies, Lautner has only worked on 11 films, despite acting since a very young age. That's a pretty ridiculous number for the performer once dubbed a future "A-lister," but it's not like the actor is the one to blame.

The thing is, after the success of his role as Jacob, producers started casting him in everything, giving him lead roles in action movies and romantic comedies. Obviously, Lautner was just not cut out to be a leading man, as supporting roles were where he could excel.

Without realizing it, producers destroyed Lautner's career for good, as the poor box office results of the movies he starred in made him persona non grata for supporting roles as well.

Let's hope that Lautner will be able to overcome his losing streak and return to fame with a project sometime in the future.