The CW Broadcasting Update Has Fans Worrying About The Winchesters

The CW Broadcasting Update Has Fans Worrying About The Winchesters
Image credit: The CW

The Supernatural spinoff may need to look for another home very soon.

How many Supernatural or Gilmore Girls fans are also fans of golf?

Well, assuming the audiences are not as intersecting, many may not have noticed the news of The CW signing a multi-year contract with LIV Golf to become LIV's exclusive broadcast partner.

Starting from the 2023 LIV Golf League season, the CW will air all the events both on-air and on the app.

Whether that is the reason for sudden changes in the usual broadcasting programs, fans are starting to brace themselves and prepare for the ending of their favorite series.

Previously the CW was known to renew their originals early on, though in 2023 only one show, All American, was confirmed to get another season.

Such major titles like Superman & Lois, Walker, and Kung Fu are still hanging without an answer. Alongside them stands The Winchesters, the spinoff of one of the most popular CW series, Supernatural.

The only comment fans got so far is a TVLine interview with the showrunner Robbie Thompson. He's not completely ready to give up on the show yet but remains very cautious about its future.

Although there was neither renewal nor cancellation confirmation, the showrunner is preparing for both scenarios. For now, he's happy to finish one arc they got to finish and look for another home for the Winchesters, in case it is needed.

Good thing, they are staying in contact with their Warner Bros partners, who are still interested in the show.

"We've talked about places…that we may have to look to down the road. But the short-term answer is I don't actually know and probably won't for a little while," Thompson said, confirming the uncertainty many fans already felt.

All this time the team was working hard to give this season the best ending they possibly could, bouncing off the fact that it could be the last episode ever.

Episode 13, titled Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye, premieres on The CW on March 7.