The Fans Have Spoken: This is Stranger Things Spinoff We're Dying to See

The Fans Have Spoken: This is Stranger Things Spinoff We're Dying to See
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The Stranger Things fandom is huge and ever since the Netflix show began, fans have theorized upcoming plotlines and events.

Now that we're approaching the final season, there are plenty of discussions surrounding what will happen after the show and whether or not there will be any spinoffs.

When the Duffer brothers created this Netflix original, they had a lot of freedom in terms of its content, structure and tone. As such, Stranger Things has been unconventional in many ways. It is heavily influenced by 1980s movies, pop culture, TV shows and horror. Combined with a fantastic bunch of young actors, it's certainly critically acclaimed. It's no surprise then, that many fans really want a spinoff to happen and here are some ideas they've had.

The young adults pursuing life and college

One Redditor has suggested a sensible spinoff would be to have the five young adults (Nancy, Steve, Jonathan, Robin, and Argyle) pursuing life and college while fighting monsters along the way.

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Others have agreed that this would be an interesting spinoff to show how the young people navigate adult life after experiencing trauma and monster slaying throughout their formative years. The short insight into what that might look like happened in Season 3 when Steve had to deal with working a low-paid job and not being a 'top jock' post-graduation.

An X-Files-style show

Other fans have suggested an X-Files-type show with Nancy as a detective. It could even feature cameos of Mike and El, for instance.

A Millie Bobby Brown spinoff

Rumors have suggested that when Millie Bobby Brown renewed her contract with Netflix, one of the conditions was a Stranger Things spinoff for her. Many fans have said that Season 2 Episode 7 "The Lost Sister" was almost like a pilot. Of all the actors, she's the only one to have a contract directly with Netflix and it's believed to have been a 10-year deal too.

Though many fans say that spinoffs won't happen (and they've even said they don't want them – too much of a good thing and all), others can't help but think about how Netflix won't want to let go of their biggest income-bringer.

Are spinoffs a good idea?

Though many fans are dying to see a Buffy The Vampire Slayer-esque spinoff with young adults battling Upside Down monsters, others wouldn't welcome it – or at least they'd prefer if the main cast feature as guest appearances only. It's likely that Season 5 will wrap everything up nicely and with cast members who, after the best part of a decade, might actually be keen to pursue other projects. Some fans also argue that a spinoff would spoil the show and that you can have too much of a good thing.