3 Stranger Things Season 4 Plot Holes No One Wants To Talk About

3 Stranger Things Season 4 Plot Holes No One Wants To Talk About
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Will's forgotten birthday is very mysterious, but the fourth season of the Netflix horror hit had a lot more plot holes than that.

Stranger Things is generally praised for good writing, but hardly any TV show can be perfect for everyone. Plot holes can be something you can ignore to enjoy a good show, or they can ruin the entire experience for you. While it is up to you to choose, here are some of the plot holes that have received strangely little attention since the season 4 premiere.

Eddie's Trailer

The beginning of the season establishes Eddie's trailer as a crime scene. While we know that Eddie is innocent and hasn't killed anyone, it doesn't look like the police and the public know that because there's a full-scale manhunt going on. Which is why it's odd that his trailer is as easily accessible as a local cafe.

"Why wasn't anyone guarding Eddie's trailer? People knew what was going on and that a gate was going to open, they moved Eddie's uncle out. So they just saw it happen and then left it alone to let anyone come and go as they pleased?" Redditor Roosty37 said.

Nancy's Endeavors

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Everyone in the fandom knows that Nancy is a tough cookie, but sometimes it looks like she enjoys way too much plot armor. For example, it seems like no one ever suspects her, even though she is unusually curious and clearly tries to sneak around.

"How did Nancy get her school newspaper team to assemble to make fake college identification papers for Nancy and Robin that fast , early morning on the Monday during Spring Break? 'Sure Nancy, we'll do this for you, but what the hell happened to Fred?'" Redditor LopsidedUniversity29 wondered.

Is Hopper Built Different?

Sometimes it just seems like the showrunners don't know what it feels like to break an arm or shatter an ankle. Because if they do, how can anyone believe that Hopper, with his ankle so badly injured, was able to, you know, do all the heroic stuff he did after casually escaping a Russian prison like it was no big deal?

"Hopper getting his ankle smashed in and then escaping a Russian prison, running through the winter and snow barefoot, jumping from buildings, then going back to the prison fighting the monster and escaping again [was a plot hole]," Redditor silkie_blondo noted.