The Flash Breaks Another Anti-Record... Which Is Just Impressive At This Point

The Flash Breaks Another Anti-Record... Which Is Just Impressive At This Point
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

You won’t believe it but over this weekend, The Flash somehow managed to flop even more — and set a brand-new anti-record for DCEU. Who would’ve guessed?

The first weekend is the most important box office-wise for the majority of movies, and there’s a simple reason for it: most movies see a solid box office drop over their second weekend (let’s not even talk about the third one).

This effectively means that 9 times out of 10, if a movie has a poor haul in its first weekend, it’s a poor sign.

But the second-weekend box office drop can vary quite significantly, and while it’s a metric that not many people from the general audience are aware of, it’s fairly important.

This kind of statistics allows to predict the approximate total revenue of a movie after its first weekend and help adjust the initial pre-release projections.

Now, there are records here — and there are anti-records, just as with any other metric... And The Flash ’s second weekend saw the movie break the latter.

DCEU films don’t tend to perform too well on their second weekends, and their average second-weekend box office drop is around 59.4%. Now, in the past decade, the most significant drop was seen by Suicide Squad (70.1%), and Wonder Woman performed the best in this category with just a 43.3% drop.

The Flash, also known as “the best superhero movie of all time,” left DCEU’s positive record intact but updated the negative one: as we learned yesterday, Ezra Miller ’s standalone entry dropped a whopping 73% from its opening weekend, making it the worst-performing DC movie of the last decade at the very least.

Admittedly, it is the worst movie, too, as the others who saw a similar drop at least had a decent haul on their opening weekends, and The Flash earned an unbelievably underwhelming $55M domestically then. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

But as it goes with The Flash, it didn’t quite have it in it to sink to the all-time low, either, and the overall worst superhero movie drop still belongs to easily one of the movies ever made, Marvel’s Morbius 73.8%, even though Miller’s Scarlet Speedster came dangerously close to breaking that anti-record as well.

Source: Variety