The Flash Proves to Be Worth the Extra Cash With Record Test-score Ratings

The Flash Proves to Be Worth the Extra Cash With Record Test-score Ratings
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Warner Bros. has moved the release date of The Flash up a week from June 23 to June 16, 2023 as the movie got the highest test-score ratings in DCEU history, according to World of Reel. Despite all the controversy, looks like The Flash is very much on point.

According to a recent test screening results, The Flash is on track to be one of the best movies in the DCU, if not the very best one. In fact, the movie reportedly received the highest test-score ratings in DCU history, which only strengthens Warner Bros. execs confidence in the finished product. Seems like Andrés Muschietti truly knows how to make a superhero movie that audiences will love.

The film directed by Andy Muschietti, whose budget is rumored to skyrocket to an astounding $300 million, follows the adventures of The Flash, who travels through time to prevent the killing of his mother. But the superhero manages to cause changes, which result in the creation of a multiverse.

The film is set to star Ezra Miller, who is reprising his role as Barry Allen/The Flash. The actor portrayed the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Zack Snyder's Justice League, and in CW's The Flash and Peacemaker Season 1. The film will also feature Michael Keaton, who is back as Batman for the first time since 1992, and Ben Affleck, who also plays a version of Batman too.

Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav did move the release date a week but the truth is The Flash should have been released in November 2022. The delays were caused by various hurdles such as the COVID pandemic, production setbacks and the use of the new technologies, which is of special interest. In his interview with IBC, the Flash editor Paul Machliss has said that Warner Bros. has charged the team with making the best film possible.

"We're the first film to be utilizing some very, very new technology in terms of getting multiple versions of the same actor on the screen, rather than using either locked off cameras or even the motion controls we used in [Last Night in Soho]," he has said adding that he can't go into detail now but will definitely do it once the movie is released.

"There's been a development with some wonderful technology, which I'd love to be able to talk about now, but this time next year once the film's out, we can go into total, scrupulous detail," the editor has revealed.

The Flash star Ezra Miller has also been making headlines this year in connection with public scandals and issued an apology for their erratic behavior saying they were seeking treatment for "complex mental health issues." Despite calls for the actor to be recast the Warner Bros. top brass stood by them and the movie.

"We've seen them [The Flash and The Black Adam]. We think they are terrific, and we think we can make them even better," David Zaslav said in August.

It is expected that The Flash will be among the biggest and the most anticipated theatrical releases in 2023 along with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, Fast X and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.