The Good Doctor Main Star Makes the Farewell Even More Heartbreaking

The Good Doctor Main Star Makes the Farewell Even More Heartbreaking
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One of the most popular medical dramas is coming to an end after seven seasons.

It is often the case, especially in television, that an actor becomes associated with just one big role. A bright image first attracts everyone's attention, occupies the actor's time for several years, and then never lets go – in every subsequent role, the viewers see a continuation of the most famous character. But this also happens to directors.

For example, David Shore, the writer and showrunner of House, whose name graced the credits for all eight years of the show's run, also found himself hostage to resounding success – outside of the audience's favorite hospital, his projects were not particularly popular. Shore drew the conclusion – to bring the people in white coats back, and he made the right decision.

The Good Doctor Was a House Heir with Its Own Face

On the one hand, The Good Doctor is a remake of the South Korean drama of the same name, and on the other, it looks like the obvious heir to House. At the same time, The Good Doctor only resembles the Korean TV series in terms of plot, and as far as House is concerned, Dr. Murphy is its complete opposite.

7 seasons, 23 nominations, 6 wins, TV ratings ranging from 7 to 15 million viewers in the US alone. However, all good things must come to an end, and The Good Doctor is ending its run after the seventh season – and this seems to be the right time.

The Good Doctor's Main Star Makes Goodbye Even More Bittersweet

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Freddie Highmore, who played Dr. Shaun Murphy, thanked the creators of the series and admitted that it was a great honor for him to be a part of it:

“It feels like the right time. [...] . It’s the end of seven years, and it feels big and momentous and makes you nostalgic and reflective for everything that’s come before. [...] It’s been a pretty uncertain seven years in the world. I do feel grateful to have had such a stable life at the center of that.”

The Good Doctor brought stability not only to the cast and crew of the series, but also to the viewers. It became perhaps one of the most beloved medical dramas of recent years, a stable refuge for those who wanted to escape from life's problems for at least 40 minutes, and for that at least, the fans will always be grateful to The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor Was Supposed to Have a Spin-Off

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Two years ago, David Shore announced a spin-off of The Good Doctor with the similar title The Good Lawyer. It was planned to deal with the legal sphere, and in the center of the story would be a 20-year-old girl Joni with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

ABC put the project into development, but a few months later the WGA and SAG-AFTRA broke out. As a result, the network decided to cancel production on the show and focus on other projects.

Source: El Pais