The Infinity War Deleted Scene That Would Have Changed Everything

The Infinity War Deleted Scene That Would Have Changed Everything
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We get it, not everything can make it into the final cut, especially in a movie as massive as Avengers: Infinity War. But still.

It's been over four years since the premiere of Infinity War, but up to this day, fans cannot get over a certain deleted scene that for some reason never made it into the movie.

Yes, we're talking about how Doctor Strange and Iron Man were supposed to switch gears, with Stephen rocking the suit of armor, and Tony donning the magical cloak. Imagine how that would change their dynamic!

The creative team behind Infinity War was planning to include that in the movie but ultimately decided to cut the scene from the movie. Some fans still believe that the decision was utterly wrong.

The two characters are fan favorites who have a lot in common, from sharp sense of humor to high intellect, so them switching gears would definitely mark a memorable moment for the Avengers franchise.

"Infinity war is already untouchable but this would've made it undoubtedly clear of anything else," Twitter user justleftearth1 said.

What's even more depressing is that it was not just a concept. Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch actually filmed the scene in switched gears, so fans actually could have it — but something went wrong. However, some people still cherish the hope to see it one day.

"I wonder if one day when Marvel needs easy money next pandemic they'll make an Alternate Universe cut of Infinity War or their other movies with a bunch of finished deleted scenes like this," Twitter user BubblesZap_ suggested.

With Infinity War being packed with different characters and interactions, it's pretty clear why the scene did not make it into the final cut. Tony and Stephen did not really have a chance to switch gears and keep it reasonable story-wise. Now, the chances of this happening are really low, since Iron Man is dead, and Doctor Strange has trouble not surrendering to the dark side after he treated himself to some Darkhold powers.

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But who knows, right? After all, the biggest perk of exploring the multiverse is the fact that technically everything is possible for Marvel now.