The Last Of Us Part II Starts Production Amid Pedro Pascal Joining Marvel

The Last Of Us Part II Starts Production Amid Pedro Pascal Joining Marvel
Image credit: HBO

The second season of the zombie apocalypse show is already in the works, and it brings back an iconic location from the video game.


  • As Pedro Pascal joins the Marvel’s First Family, his The Last of Us begins filming the second season.
  • A picture taken by the show’s fan reveals that Part II will begin at the Greenplace Market, just like in the original video game.
  • While adapting video games into TV shows and movies is difficult, HBO proved its abilities with The Last of Us Part I.

Pedro Pascal never sleeps! We just learned that the actor will portray Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming The Fantastic Four movie, and while that’s cooking, Pascal’s immensely popular The Last of Us series also began filming Season 2. Better yet, we already have a set picture from the show, and they’re bringing in an OG location!

The Last Of Us Part II Follows The Schedule

The second season of the new big zombie apocalypse show (sorry, The Walking Dead ) was scheduled to start filming in February 2024, and it seems like HBO is sticking to the plan. Part II is already in production, and the recent set photo from a fan of the series revealed the location of the next series’ premiere episode!

Since the first The Last of Us season didn’t follow the video game plot step by step, it was hard to expect the show’s creators to include the tutorial location in Season 2. But against all odds, the Greenplace Market is there, meaning the second part will begin exactly where the second game began. Video game fans are excited!

This, of course, doesn’t mean everything from the original game will be included.

The Last Of Us Knows Its Adaptation Tricks

Adapting video games into TV shows is much harder than adapting books. The main feature of games, the player’s direct involvement, is stripped away, and the video game mechanics are not there to account for. Both this crucial things must be carefully accounted for and replaced with something equally engaging and sensible.

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The Last of Us Part I proved that HBO knows how to tackle video games. The first episode showed the perfect balance between staying true to the source material and not being afraid to step away and expand on it. Gamers are a hard crowd to please, but the first season of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey-led series totally nailed it.

We expect nothing less from Part II — meaning, the expectations are pretty high!