The Last of Us Somehow Fixes House of the Dragon's Most Annoying Problem

The Last of Us Somehow Fixes House of the Dragon's Most Annoying Problem
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HBO actually seems to take feedback into account.

Back when fans were glued to their screens watching HBO's House of the Dragon, there was one thing that drove them crazy - the way the show constantly plunged its characters into darkness, essentially not providing proper lighting for many scenes.

Now that HBO seems to have a new hit, The Last of Us, they are not reducing the number of dark scenes. This time, however, they are finally lit in a way that at least allows fans to see something without losing the sense of darkness.

"The Last of Us on HBO deserves all the awards simply for properly lighting their nighttime sequences," Twitter user fallafelbuns noted.

This is coming from people who know what they're talking about. After not seeing a single thing when Daemon and Rhaenyra talked on the beach in the evening, or never getting a glimpse of the Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones, fans are rejoicing while watching The Last of Us.

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Darkness is especially important to The Last of Us. Those who have played the game know that the player often has to navigate in the dark, using only the character's senses to survive. This is why sound design is so important in both the game and the show. For a TV adaptation, however, it's important to give fans something to see, and The Last of Us, unlike the two Game of Thrones shows, finally manages to do it right without completely ruining the eerie atmosphere.

According to OG fans, the HBO series is doing an incredible job adapting the video game so far. The first episode premiered on HBO Max on January 15, and the second episode will be released on January 22. The first season has nine episodes.