The Mystery Solved: Why Matthew Gray Gubler Isn't in Criminal Minds: Evolution

The Mystery Solved: Why Matthew Gray Gubler Isn't in Criminal Minds: Evolution
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More Dr. Spence Reid news to come in Season 2, showrunner teases.

Paramount Plus ' Criminal Minds: Evolution brought the beloved behavioral analysis unit back to our screens, and fans couldn't be more grateful. While most of the changes following the transition to a streaming service were met with positive reviews, there was one major development that didn't sit well with audiences.

Fans are not happy with the cast of Evolution. Among the familiar faces, one was absent. And this face was the one that made many fans stick to the procedural after so many years.

"I'm in desperate need to see Spencer Reid, even if it's just for one episode," one of the fans commented after learning that Evolution has been renewed for Season 2.

The absence of Matthew Gray Gubler has left a gaping hole in both the fictional team and the hearts of the fans. Long-time viewers seem to think that ten episodes without the boy genius are enough, and he needs to come back for future seasons. Thankfully, the show has left the door open.

According to the plot, Dr. Reid and his colleague Matt Simmons, played by Daniel Henney, are on a special mission and can return to the BAU at any time. This comment was clearly about the actors as well. Showrunner Erica Messer recently revealed to TV Insider that the absence of both stars was due to scheduling conflicts, not Matthew Gray Gubler's unwillingness to reprise his role, as previously rumored.

"We wanted them both back, and they both had other projects, and we only had we had a very short window to shoot this year," Messer said.

The showrunner added that the crew, just like the fans, were hoping to get either Gubler or Simmons to appear in at least one episode, but both actors were committed to other projects and simply couldn't make it to the set.

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She did, however, give hope to those still waiting for Spencer Reid to return to his table at BAU headquarters. She said that she is in direct contact with Matthew Gray Gubler and hopes to work something out in the future. Besides, talking about Reid's mysterious assignment, the showrunner hinted that the next season will explain what the golden boy has been up to.

Since Reid's mission is likely to get its own storyline in Evolution Season 2, he will have to appear on screen, right? Fingers crossed.