The OA Fans Suddenly Rebel Against Netflix Canceling the Show, Demand Revival

The OA Fans Suddenly Rebel Against Netflix Canceling the Show, Demand Revival
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Four years after the show’s cancelation, The OA fans demand it’s brought back — and Brit Marling, the creator and star of the series, recently addressed it, too.


  • In 2019, Netflix canceled The OA after Season 2 which came as a surprise considering the show’s popularity.
  • The OA fans kept signing petitions and fighting for the show’s revival over the years.
  • Brit Marling, the creator and star of The OA, is thankful to fans and would love to bring the series back.

Netflix is notorious for its obsession with axing down popular TV shows after one or two seasons. Many a series have fallen victim to the Netflix curse, and so far, only has seemingly managed to recover and find a new “home” — Warrior Nun ,which is planned to continue as a movie franchise. Others haven’t been so lucky.

The OA was an original Netflix show that earned a massive fan base and was immensely popular with the audience. After a phenomenal set-up for Season 3, the series was abruptly canceled by the streaming platform which shocked the audience. Allegedly, The OA was eating up too much budget for its returns so it “had to go.”

What happened with The OA, why are fans rebelling four years later, and what does the show’s creator and star Brit Marling think about all of this?

How and Why Was The OA Canceled?

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The OA became a huge critical success immediately after its release in 2016. The first season of the show was largely acclaimed, and the audience was convinced it had a great future ahead of it. The second season turned the tables plot-wise and set up a mind-boggling multiverse-bound Season 3 fans were excited about.

According to some rumors and reports, The OA creator and star Brit Marling had plans for five seasons in total, and the audience was there for it. The post-S2 cancelation of The OA came as a shocker for fans and critics alike, and there never was a proper explanation for it other than “the show ate more money than it earned.”

What Do Fans and The OA’s Brit Marling Say About It?

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The OA fans have always been vocal about wanting the show back, and they repeatedly launched petitions to Netflix asking to give The OA another chance. Four years after the series’s cancelation, we’re seeing a new wave of interest in the show, and new fan movements are emerging to rebel against Netflix’s 2019 decision.

“I was in airport security the other day and it was very sweet — somebody stopped me and said, ‘I just want you to know I signed three different petitions to bring back The OA.’ I was like, ‘Thank you!’ <...> It’s strange when something gets canceled but is watched by millions of people the world over,” Brit Marling told Variety.

According to The OA creator and lead actress, her interactions with fans are always wholesome and she’s happy to have done something special for so many people. Around the globe, folks know the movements and recognize Marling. They come to her to thank her for the show — or to tell her they keep fighting for The OA’s future.

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The creator of the series doesn’t blame fans who try to “take the pressure off” her shoulders by advising others against reaching out to her. For Brit Marling, it’s a crucial part of her — and she admits that she’d be willing to continue The OA if she had a chance. Perhaps, she’s just a bit scared that it won’t turn out as great.

“I understand that it was a feeling that [The OA fans] are after and that it’s hard to find. And I feel that too. Maybe [The OA] will come back and then they’ll just be like, ‘We’ve been waiting! And it’s shit!’” Marling laughed.

Amid all the petitions, the sudden resurgence in The OA’s popularity, and Brit Marling’s latest statements, there might just be a chance for the show to keep going. Whether it’s Netflix that gives the series another shot or a different streaming platform, one thing is clear: millions of people would be happy to see Marling return.

Source: Variety