The Office Star Spills Beans on Kevin's Secret Storyline That Was Never Aired

The Office Star Spills Beans on Kevin's Secret Storyline That Was Never Aired
Image credit: NBC

Have you heard the theory that The Office's Kevin Malone is a secret genius? Well, it seems that the show almost confirmed it.

Kevin Malone is not portrayed as a particularly bright character on The Office. Sometimes goofy, sometimes borderline creepy, he is more of a comic relief for the show. Despite this, a very popular fan theory is that he is actually a secret genius who only maintains his image as not being the sharpest tool in the shed for his own purposes.

While there are several moments in the show where Kevin is surprisingly cunning and smart, it looks like The Office was actually pretty seriously on the way to confirming that he is a secret genius.

At least, that's what Brian Baumgartner revealed on the Pardon My Take podcast. It turns out that there was a filmed but unaired storyline that proved once again that there might be more to Kevin than meets the eye.

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According to Baumgartner, the unaired storyline implied that after the release of the Dunder Mifflin documentary, Kevin becomes a fan favorite — to the point where he cannot walk into a local bar in Scranton without being offered a drink. And guess how he uses it?

The actor said that in the wake of his sudden fame, Kevin has "accumulated such a credit at that bar from people buying him drinks that he uses that as leverage to own the bar."

This scene, had it aired, would have changed Kevin Malone forever. However, the storyline was ultimately removed from the final cut due to time constraints. Baumgartner noted that The Office finale was already about an hour and forty-five minutes long at that point, so there was absolutely no chance of keeping the storyline in.

Or maybe it was something else entirely. Maybe it was because Kevin Malone wanted to keep his little secret to himself until the end of time and make every fan of The Office believe that he was just a goofy comic relief. Silly us...