The One Character Bridgerton Fans Are Sick Of Already

The One Character Bridgerton Fans Are Sick Of Already
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Bridgerton had viewers on the edge of their seats since the release of season 1.

By combining historical themes that have stood the test of time with a modern approach, this show has not only managed to make the storyline understandable for the nowadays viewer but also unique. And the characters, although from a different time period, were made as relatable as possible. However, as captivating as the characters are, by the end of season 2, it was clear that there was one in particular that most fans seemed to be sick of. Curious to find out who it might be? Well, read on!

In all fairness, we do have to say there are a few characters viewers share a certain degree of disdain for, such as Marina Thompson and even Penelope and her whole family. But the one character who the majority of the fans want to see less of in the next season is actually Eloise. Why is that, you may ask? Let's get into all the reasons.

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Constant Complaining

One reason why fans find Eloise annoying and borderline bratty is because she complains too much, considering that her circumstances could be much worse. Some viewers feel like someone should tell her to either accept the life she has or simply do something about it. After all, she's a Bridgerton and has the privilege of having many options if she only wanted to sit down and think about it!

Lack of Empathy

Secondly, throughout the episodes, she comes off as a little too self-centered for many people's liking. She doesn't appear to be a very good family member or friend because she doesn't listen to others or show much empathy. This is especially true in situations where Eloise has made insensitive comments to her family, such as those about marriage being a trap when her mother and older sister Daphne are both happily married. Her evident contempt for other girls her age that have different interests has also caught some criticism.

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One-Dimensional Personality

Another thing fans have made a point of is her one-dimensional personality. Some think there could've been much more to her character other than constantly looking for Lady Whistledown and driving the feminist agenda in almost every conversation. Instead, fans would love to see her more involved in other things like philosophical movements, for instance.

As we can see, there's plenty to improve when it comes to Eloise's character arc. But despite the points mentioned above, the show definitely makes for exciting viewing. And who knows, maybe the writers will keep the fans' opinions in mind and do something different for the following season!