'The Sandman's Fan-Favorite Character Might Surprise You

'The Sandman's Fan-Favorite Character Might Surprise You
Image credit: Netflix

You think Morpheus is everyone's undisputed darling? Not so fast.

Don't get us wrong – everyone seems to be endlessly (see what we did there) in love with Tom Sturridge 's Dream. However, he is not the only fan favorite, as Kirby Baptiste-Howell's Death is just next to him in fans' top characters charts.

In the sub-Reddit where people discuss their favorite characters in 'The Sandman ', fans express their joy about how Death is portrayed, both in the comics and in the show, being a kind and empathetic entity rather than a cold merciless ghost.

People praise Death for being "wise and kind" and "a friend at the end". Her portrayal, fans argue, "gives one comfort and hope".

"Not to get all weird, but I feel a profound connection with her. I work in an intensive care unit and am steadfastly and intimately present at The End every day. And I have had to learn how to allow and even welcome that end, to understand that no matter when or how, it's time. So yeah. I walk with Death," Reddit user buteverythingstaken explained.

Fan love, however, is not the only thing Baptiste-Howell's character had to face. From the moment the casting for the TV adaptation was announced, the fact that Death will be portrayed by a Black woman has caused waves online. Many people were quick to lambast 'The Sandman' for "bowing down" to the "woke agenda" – even though the series' author, Neil Gaiman, is arguably the fiercest defender of the show's casting.

Still, the show has proved that the majority of Sandman fans were enchanted with Death and how Baptiste-Howell brought her to, ironically, life.

Among other favorite characters are Gwendoline Christie 's Lucifer (who also predictably faced critiсism because of the gender-swap), Lucienne (the smartest librarian ever), Corinthian (even though he's supposed to scare everyone to death and not make them fall in love with him), and Desire (do we really need to explain anything?).

Despite the issues some people had with the show's diverse casting, 'The Sandman' remains in Netflix 's Top 10 globally, having already spent six weeks in the chart. However, the streaming platform still remains mum about the show's future, even though calls to renew 'The Sandman' for season 2 have intensified after Neil Gaiman revealed that the script is ready and only needs a green light from Netflix.