The Sandman Season 2 Episode Titles & Count Have Fans Worried Already

The Sandman Season 2 Episode Titles & Count Have Fans Worried Already
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It may be too soon to fret, though.


  • The Sandman has had a long way to its second season, mainly due to the Hollywood strikes
  • Currently, season 2 is still filming
  • But first leaks are already starting to appear, and now fans are up in arms over the possible episode titles

Time to wake up from the sleep — looks like we have the potential number of episodes in the upcoming season 2 of The Sandman. Moreover, the first six episode titles have been revealed, albeit not officially.

According to the fan website Redanian Intelligence, the second season will have 12 episodes in total, and first six episodes are titled as follows:

  1. The Song of Orpheus
  2. More Devils Than Vast Hell Can Hold
  3. Brief Lives
  4. Family Blood
  5. The Ruler of Hell
  6. Season of Mists

The website also went on to suggest that The Sandman season 2 will be split in two halves, with the first six episodes premiering on one date, and another chunk of episodes "potentially" arriving a month later.

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Notably, the order of the episodes remains unclear, even though Redanian Intelligence does suggest that, for example, The Ruler of Hell and Season of Mists come one after another.

Still, even though the titles seem to make sense and correspond to some of the graphic novel's issues, not all fans are equally happy about the revelation (which, again, has not been officially confirmed).

"Am I missing something or shouldn't Brief Lives be later in the show, and more of a whole/half season than an episode? It was probably my favorite volume so I hope they do it justice when they get there!" Redditor Technicalhotdog said.

For some fans, it's not about the titles that have been mentioned, but rather about those they hoped to see but didn't.

"They're doing Song of Orpheus but no Thermidor? I hope they somehow get merged into one episode much like in season 1 they merged the Death story and Hob Gadling," Redditor fortnerd said.

The evens of Thermidor are set in 1794, when Dream visits Johanna Constantine ( hi, Jenna Coleman fans!), requiring her to perform a special task for him and promising to give her what he can in return. Johanna accepts the deal, and the following events unfold during the French revolution and involve Orpheus — the immortal son of Dream.

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Some fans recalled that Neil Gaiman, the series author and the exec producer of Netflix 's adaptation, has already teased that the French Revolution will be a part of season 2, so it may be too soon to worry about the events of Thermidor not being included.

Still, The Sandman season 2 doesn't even have a release date yet, as it's still in production. While you wait, you can stream the first season on Netflix to refresh your memory.