The Stranger Things Star You Totally Forgot Was on Supernatural

The Stranger Things Star You Totally Forgot Was on Supernatural
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The ensemble of Stranger Things gets bigger every season (even accounting for those heartbreaking losses… RIP Bob Newby, Superhero). It's easy to recognize the adults in the cast for their long careers in film and TV, but did you know that some of the younger players had careers before Stranger Things?

That includes Millie Bobby Brown, who was only 12 when the show started filming, but who had already appeared in Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, and Modern Family. Another one of Hawkins' demon-fighters can also be recognized for his roles pre-Stranger Things. Can you guess which one of the young cast appeared in the hit show Supernatural, another TV series that dealt with the macabre and paranormal?

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If you guessed Finn Wolfhard, the doe-eyed love interest to Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven, you just earned a cookie. (Not from us, though. We're out of cookies.) Finn Wolfhard was born in Canada in 2002, and he found his first acting gig the sketchiest way possible – from an ad on Craigslist. Luckily the job was legit, and within a few years he had appeared in The 100 and – yup – Supernatural, where in season 11 he played Jordie Pinsky in the episode "Thin Lizzie". The episode opened with a series of murders at Lizzie Borden's home, with Wolfhard's character eventually orphaned because of a malevolent presence.

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Supernatural wrapped in 2020, so even with his newfound fame there's no way Finn Wolfhard will ever reunite with Sam and Dean. With so much on his plate, however – including one more season of Stranger Things, we doubt that the young actor is going to be bored.

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These days, Wolfhard is kept busy in film and TV – you may have seen him in both chapters of It, or in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. In John Crowley's 2019 drama The Goldfinch, Wolfhard managed to snag the coveted role of Boris Pavlikovsky, a troubled young man and burgeoning criminal. Crowley had originally wanted the role to go to an authentic Russian actor, but Wolfhard captured such an astonishingly good Russian accent that he persuaded Crowley to give him the role.

Along with an already enviable film and TV career, Wolfhard has been playing with his band The Aubreys since 2019. Their debut studio album, Karaoke Alone, was released in November of 2021. Wolfhard has also started to write and direct films of his own. His first short, Night Shifts, was released in 2020.