The Surprising Detail in 'Moon Knight' End Credits You Might Have Missed

Image credit: Legion-Media

As soon as 'Moon Knight' started streaming on Disney Plus, everyone praised its credits' visuals particularly. But did you watch closely?

As any Marvel fan worth their salt knows, when you watch any Marvel movie or TV series, you should not immediately leave when the credits start, because that's when the most interesting things happen – speaking from experience.

Same thing with 'Moon Knight' – some eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted that its end credits are not the same in each episode. Did you notice? The moon gets fuller every time!

Looks like a countdown to something. And, naturally, fans are already biting their lip in anticipation of the full moon.

And you know what? It's not only about the end credits. It's also about the real-life night sky. Do we expect a full moon on May 4?..

That's a little something you can only enjoy when you follow an ongoing series, and not just binge-watch something that already came out. It's not exhausting at all to wait for a new episode on Wednesday every single time, is it?

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