The Truth About Reva's Origins Finally Revealed In 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episode 5

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Disney+ just unveiled the penultimate episode of its Ewan McGregor-led series, and it looks like fans will finally learn more about Moses Ingram's mysterious Inquisitor character.

Warning: major spoilers ahead!

Reva, or Third Sister, was first introduced in the series as the right hand of the Grand Inquisitor (Rupert Friend), ready to do whatever he or Darth Vader ordered her to do. Relentlessly pursuing Kenobi and the young Leia Organa across multiple planets, Reva's lust for power only grew, which eventually led to her stabbing the Grand Inquisitor in the chest with red lightsaber, so she could claim the honor of capturing the Jedi herself. But what if her actions were not motivated by greed at all?

In the fifth episode, when Kenobi and Reva faced off in a duel, the truth about Reva was finally revealed. As the popular fan theory had correctly predicted, Reva turned out to be one of the Jedi younglings, surrounded by stormtroopers in the very first episode. Order 66, which sentenced all Jedi to death, left a huge mark on Reva's life: her intense hatred of Anakin Skywalker and frustration with her personal hero Kenobi for not saving her friends led her to become an Inquisitor herself. And while some fans were disappointed that Kenobi was blamed for allowing the massacre to happen, Reva finally got some important character development.

"Wish Obi-Wan stepped up and defended himself there, he had legitimate reasons as to why he wasn't there to protect the younglings. This whole Obi-Wan blame feels weird to watch." – /Gray-TheObeseWizard.

Although Kenobi managed to convince Reva to betray her master and attack Darth Vader, her attempt was in vain: Vader beat her half to death with her own lightsaber, and moments later stabbed her in the chest. It is unknown whether she will survive the attack, but the majority of fans believe we will see more of Ingram's antihero in the next episode.

"I'm kind of disappointed that wasn't a mortal wound for Reva, a lightsaber through the torso appears to be about 99% fatal in Star Wars media," – /Vulpinox.

Fans are definitely excited that Reva is finally getting some much-needed background characterization, and hopes for her performance in the last episode of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi', due out June 22, have reached an all-time high.

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