The Watcher Season 2 Will Be Even Worse Than First One, Fans Believe

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This is probably one of the rare occasions when the show renewal has not brought joy to Netflix viewers.

The Watcher has been renewed for a second season by Netflix despite a wave of outrage triggered by its finale. And it looks like fans are in no mood to yet another season if it is going to be as disappointing as the first one.

According to the general mood on social media after the renewal, it looks like hope is dead for The Watcher season 2. With season 1 finale being slammed as "the most frustrating piece of television one could ever watch", Netflix fans believe that the sequel will be no better.

"Everyone is mad, because they are going to turn the show into some dumb fictional extravaganza with the second season and everything is going to be made up. They only are creating a second season because the first one made a lot of money, it's all about money," Redditor Gears244 said, explaining why everyone is hating on the renewal so much.

The amount of hate The Watcher gets is really unusual given its overall popularity. The show has secured over 148 Million Hours Viewed as of late October, which is why the renewal was just a question of time.

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However, fans are still mad about the way the first season's finale never provided a closure, even though the real-life story that the show is based on also has an open finale. The show follows the family that just moved into its dream house but gets stalked by a creepy "Watcher" — someone whose identity remains a secret until the end of the show.

But some people remain tentatively hopeful for the second season to maybe — theoretically — resolve the story.

"The show was "very loosely" based on a true story for what it's worth. The family never actually moved into the house. I am happy we get a 2nd season considering how unresolved it was," Redditor tboxer854 admitted.

The Watcher season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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