The Winchesters Episode 2 Fake ID Easter Egg is Heartwarming On So Many Levels

The Winchesters Episode 2 Fake ID Easter Egg is Heartwarming On So Many Levels
Image credit: The CW

Some things are just classic.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for The Winchesters episode 2

There is probably nothing more iconic in the Supernatural world than hunters and their fake names when they pretend to be someone they're not.

With Sam and Dean using the names of their favorite characters or music idols for 15 years, we now know that this might be running in the family, because that's precisely what happens in The Winchesters episode 2, Teach Your Children Well.

While hunting for a monster in Topeka, John and Mary have to pretend to be friends of a missing kid. Obviously, they can't use their real names, so they go for Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie for their undercover mission. Music nerds immediately spotted the reference to the two members of Fleetwood Mac.

It's a true miracle they didn't bump into another music nerd, because it could have been a really awkward moment if the person they were talking to knew and loved the band, formed in 1967.

Still, the Easter egg is truly heart-warming for all Supernatural fans, with people getting to know the origin of Sam and Dean's hunting tricks. Given that the show is just getting started, there might be many more such references.

The Winchesters is taking place in the 1970s, following Dean and Sam's parents, John and Mary. Despite the fact that the show appears to be retconning the original show, especially in terms of the story of how John and Mary met and became hunters, it seems that there are some surprises in store. Dean is investigating his family history, and some fans believe that there might be some multiversal gimmicks ahead — although as of now, a lot of things are still a mystery.

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