The Winchesters: John and Mary's Chemistry Goes Up in Flames

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How very romantic.

The Winchesters was supposed to be a prequel delving deeper into the family history of the iconic hunters and focuses on John and Mary's love, but something has gone wrong in the process.

It turns out that after six episodes of the prequel (that was supposed to make us fall in love with John and Mary just as much as these two love each other) fans found themselves actually falling out with the couple.

"I'm actually kinda taken aback by how awful their relationship is. They have NO chemistry. If I had no idea who these characters were, I'd be rooting for Mary to end up with Lata or something," Redditor HelloCompanion said.

As of now, fans believe that instead of having Sam and Dean, John and Mary should have refrained from having kids at all, and probably break up as soon as possible. Apparently that's not something The Winchesters' showrunners were planning to do with their love story... right?

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As if fans did not already hate John enough, the new series appears to even deepen their ick towards the character, with people calling him a "hypocrite" who failed to learn from others' mistakes and simply repeated them with his own kids later.

Some fans have started to speculate about the reasons behind the lack of chemistry between John and Mary in The Winchesters. Some theories suggest that the show might be portraying them as flawed and imperfect, rather than idealized and romanticized, in order to challenge the notion of true love and family. Others believe that the writers might be intentionally subverting the expectations of the Supernatural fanbase, and that the ultimate reveal will be that John and Mary's love was not as strong and pure as it seemed.

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Despite the negative reactions from fans, the creators of The Winchesters remain optimistic about the future of the series. In a recent interview, they stated that they have been listening to the feedback and are working on incorporating it into the remaining episodes. They also hinted at some potential twists and surprises that might change the perception of John and Mary's relationship.

The Winchesters still has half of the season to redeem itself — as well as John and Mary's relationship. The new episode is set to air on The CW on December 6. After a brief hiatus, the Supernatural prequel will return on January 24, 2023.

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