There Are Only 2 Ways For The Sims Movie to Avoid Pathetically Copying Barbie

There Are Only 2 Ways For The Sims Movie to Avoid Pathetically Copying Barbie
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With Margot Robbie on board as one of the producers, fans are already fearing another Barbie-twisted plot, but already in the game’s universe.


  • The Sims Movie is on its way — and Margot Robbie is confirmed to be producing.
  • With Robbie’s participation in another film about the fictional universe after last year’s Barbie, there’s a chance that the future film can just become Barbie’s copycat that no one will be interested in.
  • Fans are already coming up with theories about a possible plot for the movie — and are hoping it will have something to do with Bella Goth.

It probably wasn’t expected at all, but now is official — The Sims will get its own film adaptation directed by Kate Herron and produced by Australian actress Margot Robbie. The latter has been definitely having the best year of her career recently as she starred in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie about the famous doll getting to find out what she was made for in the real world and not only in Barbieland.

Turns out, this exact type of story is also probably the most concerning thing about the upcoming Sims movie. Barbie and Sims’s worlds have something in common while also being very distant — both are run by the same idea of the characters being under 100% control of the player.

As Robbie is set to produce and thus play quite a big role in the whole production process, fans think that there’s a high possibility of her bringing to life yet again the same plot twist that seemed to work well with Barbie — a fictional character that suddenly gets self-conscious and realizes that their whole life is being controlled by someone else. Should this be the case, we’ll get nothing short of a Barbie copy-paste with the only difference of being located in another universe.

Amid the movie announcement, fans are already suggesting their own ways for the creators to successfully avoid repeating the last year’s hit plot — and the latter ones better pay attention to it.

The Sims Does Have a Great Storyline Within the Game to Adapt

The possible plot twist that gets so many fans really excited about is something that has to do with Bella Goth’s mysterious disappearance — she’s one of the main characters that exist in The Sims’s world and lives in a huge Victorian-styled mansion with her husband and son until one day just vanishes.

Bella Goth’s story generated so many fan theories about the real reasons for her disappearance that mentioning it in the film would definitely bring huge attention to it — in a positive way.

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Another interesting idea was suggested by a fan on Reddit — the creators could potentially get the player from the other side of the screen and put them in the Sims’ world. Imagine being trapped in The Sims’ universe and having knowledge of things like the “motherlode” cheat code, huh?

Be that as it may, there’s still quite a long time till we get to make sure about the creators’ own plot story — and they better make it all in Simlish (preferably with subtitles).

Source: Reddit