There's No Way MCU Peter Parker Can Be in 'Young Avengers' – Here's Why

There's No Way MCU Peter Parker Can Be in 'Young Avengers' – Here's Why
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's time for a new era… but not for everyone.

With the OG Avengers being either dead, retired or somewhere out in space, Marvel fans come to realization that it's time for a new generation to step in. The Young Avengers concept seems to be the perfect way to make peace with the favourite characters leaving and new ones incoming, but many fans have been dreaming about Peter Parker aka Spider-Man joining Young Avengers… for some reason.

While it might be tempting to slide the teen web slinger into the team, one should keep in mind that he cannot be a part of Young Avengers – mainly because he was the part of, you know, the old ones.

Tony Stark himself knighted Peter Parker as one of the Avengers – right when Spider-Man sneaked onto a spaceship to try and save Doctor Strange and be a "backup".

Besides, the events of 'No Way Home' have clearly established that Peter does not seem to be on board with the idea of joining any more teams. Now that pretty much everyone on Earth seems to have forgotten who he was – including his former Avengers colleagues – Spider-Man might be returning to the streets, to be a friendly neighborhood hero like he was always supposed to be.

With that in mind, Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly does have a lot of new and aspiring characters that could fit perfectly in Young Avengers. Starting from Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, the team could expand to have characters who are yet to be introduced in the MCU, like Hulkling, Patriot, Asgardian or Wiccan. After all, it would also fit in the comic canon.

With that being said, Marvel Studios is yet to announce any projects that might involve Young Avengers. Currently, the studio has not teased any movie or TV show that could introduce the new generation team-up.