There Was 'No F*cking Way' Chris Pratt Would Leave His Favorite Show Even for Marvel

There Was 'No F*cking Way' Chris Pratt Would Leave His Favorite Show Even for Marvel
Image credit: NBC

Guardians of the Galaxy launched Chris Pratt into international stardom, but even amid his sudden surge in popularity, the actor refused to leave his favorite show, Parks and Rec.

For many aspiring actors, their projects are but a road to fame they hope to achieve. After finally bagging their breakthrough roles, they don’t look back and continue on their way to global stardom… But some performers are different: they don’t forget where they came from and value their previous projects even more after they become famous.

Chris Pratt, for one, definitely belongs to the second group. Even after becoming the world-wide popular star thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, the actor stayed with his crew from Parks and Rec and continued being part of the show.

During a 2015 press tour for the TV series, Pratt was asked why he hadn’t left — and this question caught him off guard.

"Oh, man, it's funny that you would ask that because it never once occurred to me! I've never even asked myself the question. That was never… That would never happen. I would never f*cking ever leave this show,” the actor exclaimed.

Chris then went on to elaborate why he valued Parks and Rec so much and even admitted that in his eyes, this was the best project and the best team he’d ever had.

"You know, I've been in this business for 15 years, and I'm realizing the things that really matter about what you're doing, for me at least, are just the relationships you have while you're doing it. And for me, this show… I mean, I hope that I could possibly have the good fortune of finding another group of people like this, but I don't expect I ever will,” Pratt explained.

After praising the “awesome” cast and crew he was working with on Parks and Rec, the actor made a pinky promise to everyone who would listen: his colleagues, fans, and journalists.

“I don't care how much money someone would offer me or what I could be offered, I wouldn't abandon ship. There’s no f*cking way,” Pratt concluded.


That must have been the most heartwarming moment ever for the team of Parks and Rec and a meaningful revelation for the show’s fans. Chris Pratt would never ditch them for any money or fame a different project would promise him. That calls for nothing but immense respect!

Source: Parks and Recreation: Press Tour 2015