These 3 Harry Potter Characters Didn't Deserve to Die

These 3 Harry Potter Characters Didn't Deserve to Die
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Harry Potter fed us a fair share of heartbreaking deaths, but among them all, there are three characters who really didn't deserve to die — and 90% of fans want them saved.

After The Deathly Hallows came out, Harry Potter fans used to joke that at some point, J.K. Rowling read A Song of Ice and Fire and was like, "Damn, I like this man's style!" — so she decided to kill a bunch of fan-favorite characters.

But let's be real here: she's been killing them way before that, too.

While many of those deaths were heartbreaking, the fans over at Harry Potter's biggest subreddit decided to settle once and for all on which of them was the most undeserved and had to be undone.

The fans were told they could only save one of the characters on the list, so they had to pick wisely.

The options they were given included Lily Potter, Cedric Diggory, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Hedwig, Alastor Moody, Dobby, Severus Snape, and Fred Weasley.

During the discussion, the three winners emerged rather quickly as the vast majority of people named them. Let's see who fans really want to save!

3. Sirius Black

Fans who picked Sirius named two main reasons for their decision.

First, his death was simply one of the most touching; second, it was just not fair having him go so early — Sirius had spent the best years of his life imprisoned or on the run, and as soon as he found his only family in Harry, he was murdered.

Apart from that, his death affected Harry the most as in Sirius, he lost a long-desired father figure.

2. Fred Weasley

Dred and Forge, everyone's favorite duo, was broken with Fred's death in the Battle of Hogwarts, and fans hate it. Again, there are two main reasons people name for saving Fred.

First, he deserved to grow old side by side with George in their amazing joke shop — and instead, the latter has to deal with the grief of losing his twin.

Second, Fred was the embodiment of youth, and young death hits the hardest.

1. Cedric Diggory

On top of the pedestal, somewhat unexpectedly, is Cedric Diggory. Despite him only being with us for one book/movie, most fans want him saved, and they have a really good reason for that.

Unlike all the others (apart from Hedwig, of course), Cedric didn't have a choice. He didn't take the risk willingly, and he died in a war he had never been never a part of. This alone makes his death the most unfair on the list.

Honorable mention: Hedwig

We just couldn't ignore the sheer number of people who named Hedwig.

It seems that Harry's familiar managed to capture many fans' hearts, but we think there are other reasons for this pick, too — for instance, the fact that JKR for some reason made Hedwig's death really heartbreaking by dedicating like two entire pages to it.