These Are 3 Final Contestants to Replace Cavill's Superman in New DC Universe

These Are 3 Final Contestants to Replace Cavill's Superman in New DC Universe
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With the DC reboot fast approaching, only three actors have made it to the final screen tests to put on Man of Steel's cape. And we know their names!

After James Gunn took over DC, the very questionable age of DCEU is coming to an end. The new DC Universe is closing in, and Gunn had quite a few movies and shows lined up to start it off strong.

While the vast majority of actors are being recast, there's one role everyone's particularly interested in: the new Superman.

James Gunn has already confirmed that the previous Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, is out of the picture.

There's been a lot of drama involving Cavill's quit, and the new head of DC confirmed that the actor was being "d*cked around" by what he called "the previous regime of this company."

Gunn himself claims that he doesn't recast Superman for any personal reason, though — he just needs to start a new chapter of DCU.

Since Man of Steel and Batman are the two titular characters of DC, the question of who's going to replace Henry Cavill and inherit his red cape is widely discussed and speculated about.

Now, it is time to end the rumors and guesses: new reports revealed the names of three actors who made it to the final audition. One of them will become the next Superman.

The final contestants are Nicholas Hoult, David Corenswet, and Tom Brittney, and the last stage of screen tests is scheduled to take place next week.

It's high time to start making bets, people: we'll learn the name of the new DC Universe's Man of Steel very soon, it seems.

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Perhaps, the announcement will be made at the San Diego Comic Con, as it seems like the most obvious choice.

Funnily enough, other reports suggest that the actress for Lois Lane is also close to being recast, and there are three actresses who made it to the final stage, too.

Emma Mackey, Rachel Brosnahan, and Phoebe Dynevor will soon go through their last auditions and learn who of them will take over the role of the Daily Planet reporter.

James Gunn's new DC Universe is clearly well underway, and the man wastes no time on making all the necessary preparations.

At least one of the DCU headliners, Superman: Legacy, will be directed by Gunn himself, so we're expecting a really strong start to the new golden era of DC.

Source: Deadline