This Character Could Be Key to Destroying New Avengers' Enemy, Kang

This Character Could Be Key to Destroying New Avengers' Enemy, Kang
Image credit: Legion-Media

Old ways that helped against Thanos might not work with Kang. But maybe the new Avengers won't need them.

When fighting the Mad Titan who wanted to erase half of life in the universe, the Avengers eventually found a way to use time travel to defeat him. However, their new enemy, Kang, is the master of time: whenever he is killed, he appears as another variant of himself from a different timeline.

How could the new heroes defeat such a dangerous and powerful villain? Reddit fans appeared to have found a character that might be able to do it: Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. Scarlet Witch.

Being powerful enough to destroy Darkhold in every single universe, Wanda might be capable of doing the very same thing with Kang who weaponizes his variants to avoid being defeated.

In fact, even the Infinity Saga has established that Wanda could have defeated Thanos at some point if he didn't unleash the full power of his army to get het off him. Which is why the new phases, where Wanda is more powerful and experienced, might put her in a place when she needs to step in and help fight Kang.

There is just one problem: in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness', Wanda, who was corrupted by the Darkhold throughout the entire movie, ends up returning to sanity, destroying the book and burying herself under the debris of the Scarlet Witch castle on the Wundagore mountain. We never saw the body, but chances are Wanda might simply not appear in the future MCU projects, at least for some time.

Marvel Studios has never addressed the future of the character, even though fans have been rallying for a solo Scarlet Witch movie since 'Multiverse of Madness' release.

So, no matter how good the plan to use her powers against Kang is, the new Avengers – whomever they might include – might want to come up with a backup scenario.