This Fantastic Four Member Is Rumored To Appear In 'She-Hulk'

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With work on the 'Fantastic Four' movie already underway, fans are waiting to hear about the other cast members of the superhero family, and it looks like one of them has just been confirmed.

Reed Richards and his family are the first Marvel superhero team created by the legendary team of creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. So, it's no surprise that after a string of not-so-successful screen adaptations, Kevin Feige can't wait to pay tribute to this iconic roster and make a grand blockbuster with the Fantastic Four in the spotlight. However, not much is known about the film, and only John Krasinski has been seemingly confirmed as MCU's Mr. Fantastic. Fans were fan casting various performers for the roles of The Thing, Human Torch and Invisible Woman, but almost all seemed to be wrong for the role of the enormous Ben Grimm.

Thanks to a scoop posted on Reddit via 4chan, word has gotten out that Jason Segel will play The Thing and appear as early as August in the 'She-Hulk' series. Pretty big revelation, right? According to the scoop, Grimm will appear as She-Hulk's client, fighting a defamation case. He'll have quite a few action scenes, as well as a couple of tender moments.

While this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, it has real basis in fact, since the Thing was a frequent guest of She-Hulk in the original Marvel Comics, and their respected storylines constantly interfered with each other.

"I mean she hulk is a character that is very very linked to the fantastic four I mean she literally took the things spot for a good hunk of the 80s So it's really not that random," – /Spidermaryjane.

Despite the rather odd decision to introduce the main member of the Fantastic Four before their solo film, some fans argue that this idea could be a great way to get viewers' attention.

"Maybe they're just gonna slowly introduce the F4 in other projects. Reed in DS2. Ben in She-Hulk. Next up, Johnny in Ant-Man and Sue in Secret Invasion." – /Danishroyalty.

And even so, the MCU fandom doesn't really want to see the Fantastic Four's origin story for the third time, expecting fresh and wonderful adventures from the upcoming blockbuster.

"yeah I think that it really shouldn't be an origin film, everyone knows who the FF are, but the fox movies were either decent or straight up awful, and their role was hugely reduced in the comics for quite a while, so I think that what's really important here is to make everyone remember why they are so iconic, I would rather see a movie about the FF at their best instead of yet another origin story" – /Mau752005.

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