This Incredibles Fan Theory Makes So Much Sense It's Hard to Ignore

This Incredibles Fan Theory Makes So Much Sense It's Hard to Ignore
Image credit: Legion-Media

Mr Incredible and Elastigirl only have one superpower each... or do they?

The Incredibles are not a regular family, with even their youngest kid Jack Jack revealing some superpowers in the end of the first movie and throughout the second. However, the toddler might not be the only one in the family to boast a whole array of superhuman abilities.

One popular Reddit theory suggests that Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, aside from being super strong and super flexible respectively, may also possess some sort of a clairvoyance ability. The proof? Their children's names.

Isn't it just convenient how both Dash and Violet are named after their superpowers? Dash is a speedster, while Violet is able to disappear in the ultraviolet spectrum that humans can't see. Unless the parents named their kids only after they discovered their superpowers (which, given the fact that Jack Jack was named before he revealed his abilities, is unlikely), then this is an impressive guess for Bob and Helen.

"If Jack Jack is any indication, then the other two kids were named before displaying powers. What are the chances of just randomly picking three names that match super powers so well? I think one (or both) of the parents has some minor clairvoyance, and were attracted to those names because on some level they subconsciously knew those names would work out perfectly," the theory author, SupaBloo, argued.

Other Redditors were ready to accept the fact that some of the supers have more than one superpower at their service.

"This would also explain why the three kids have multiple super powers instead of one. Violet with the invisibility/force fields, Dash with the speed/walking on water and Jack Jack with the many abilities we saw in Jack Jack Attack. It's been speculated that when the supers are babies, they get many powers and only end up with one in the end. [...] Having two or more powers is hereditary," Redditor 1BoiledCabbage said.

This could easily mean that either Bob or Helen are clairvoyants — a superpower that might be a perfect set-up for an even more exciting threequel. After all, the parents might not even know that they have the ability, only using it subconsciously.

Pixar has not yet announced the work on a third The Incredibles movie, but the producers do not rule out that the story of the superhuman family might continue at some point.