This Twilight Star Had the Best Reaction to Fans Lusting Over Taylor Lautner

This Twilight Star Had the Best Reaction to Fans Lusting Over Taylor Lautner
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Everyone is allowed to have a crush, but boundaries are still important — especially when we're talking about teenage stars.

The Twilight saga has brought a lot of cringeworthy moments upon us, but sometimes, the most unsettling ones happened outside of the movie universe.

It was only natural for the three main stars, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, to wake up famous after portraying Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Jacob Black respectively. But for Taylor Lautner, the fame sometimes came with truly inappropriate comments about his appearance — even though he was barely sixteen when he took up the role.

The role in question did, of course, require him to go shirtless more often than not, and his physique was indeed impressive. However, the fan lust once reached the point when even the older stars had to weigh in and pour some cold water on people.

Elizabeth Reaser, who portrayed Esme Cullen in Twilight, once revealed during the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Comic Con press conference that she had to deal with "much older ladies" making inappropriate comments about Lautner.

"Taylor was just 16 and still a boy when much older ladies would be asking me about his body," she said. "It was just really inappropriate."

While Robert Pattinson seemingly couldn't care less, Lautner ended up battling anxiety and other mental health issues after his Twilight gig. The demanding role took a heavy toll on the actor, who never really settled in the industry after the vampire saga success.

Currently, however, Lautner is happily married to his namesake, having managed to overcome the Twilight repercussions. But what a shame that Reaser even had to step in back at the time!

Source: Fox News