'Thor: Love and Thunder': Reddit Plot Leak Covers Every Major Story Twist

'Thor: Love and Thunder': Reddit Plot Leak Covers Every Major Story Twist
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It's still over a week till 'Love and Thunder' officially hits screens, but it feels like a lot of people have already seen it – and not just seen it, but shared what's happening in the movie as well. And, as you can imagine, a lot is happening in Taika Waititi's latest.

Warning: major spoilers ahead!

Numerous leaks have surfaced over the course of past week, but this one, posted on Reddit by u/MSSmods, outlines the whole plot, describing every major story point, and seems believable enough for the MCU fans to end up being convinced – albeit very puzzled with some creative choices of the team behind 'Love and Thunder'.

Here's the list of major plot points, according to that Reddit leak:

The movie starts with a montage; there's Korg telling the story of Thor, and some parts of that montage we've already seen in the trailers. We're shown how Thor got his muscled form back, how he got along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.

We find out early on that Jane Foster's diagnosed with cancer, and her friends – including Darcy Lewis and Erik Selvig – are trying to find a cure, but end up with nothing.

So Jane arrives to New Asgard and somehow it turns out that she's "worthy" of Mjolnir. The weapon gives her Thor's powers, but drains her body, making the disease even worse. But Jane's ok with it, because she knows there's no cure and she's dying.

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Enter Gorr; we learn who he is, how he lost his family and blames the gods for it. Gorr, swearing to exact his revenge, finds a sword that is able to kill gods. Getting not just a sword but some powers as well, Gorr starts on his path as God Butcher.

Reunited, Thor and Jane with Valkyrie and Korg in toe go to a god city, where we meet Zeus. He's not a funny one (as one could think after seeing the trailers): Zeus is actually evil and even tries to kill Thor. Well, as Thor is now back to his Mighty Thor ways, it's a pointless attempt: Zeus can't kill Thor obviously and ends up being injured (but not killed) by Thor. This is when that "flick" scene from the trailers takes place; and yes, we do get to see Thor's butt.

After that it's all pretty straightforward: the gang has to stop Gorr, and Jane's ready to help despite her condition. Thor finds out about it and begs Jane to stop, but she's determined to go all the way. This is praised as one of the most emotional scenes in the movie.

In the final battle that ensues, Gorr is defeated – but at a great cost: Jane dies, deciding to sacrifice herself to stop the God Butcher. Somehow Gorr's daughter, long dead, comes back to life, but Jane is dead. After, in one of the post-credits scenes, we see her entering Valhalla, welcomed by Heimdall. The rest of it you can look up in a thread on Reddit.

'Love and Thunder' plot leaks leave fans disappointed

Of course it's a bit useless to complain about the plot based only on some assumptions, leaks and spoilers that can or cannot be true. But, alas, the MCU fans have been doing it anyway for a while now. There are numerous reasons why plot leaks left them heavily disappointed, but arguably the biggest one is how 'Thor 4' handled its villain.

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Judging by these leaks, the plot moves very quickly, and it feels like there's just not enough screen time for Gorr and depth to his story. While many anticipated Christian Bale 's Gorr to be the Next Big Thing, it seems that Gorr's role in the movie is actually a small one – which is, to many fans, a complete waste of Bale's acting skills. Having an Oscar-winning actor and then drop him after just one movie seems a bit illogical to many fans on Reddit, who actually say that Gorr's arc could be easily stretched into 2-3 movies (just like it happened with Thanos). "He's an Avenger-level threat," fans argue.

"Usual disclaimer to reserve judgmental until I see it, but I feel like not having Gorr + Bale has a multi-film villain is a missed opportunity. He’s powerful, sympathetic to the audience and can bring high stakes. Could have had him kill the Greek gods, go after the bigger MCU ones and even tie in with Eternals and Celestials in a follow-up film. From the leaks, it seems he kills some minor gods before he bites it." – /apegoneinsane.

While the MCU fans complain, those who were into Marvel comics first and then films later rightfully remind other that Gorr's storyline in the original comics is a short one – so Waititi's actually doing a comic-accurate portrayal here. The thing is, in the comics Gorr was introduced and then killed off within just a handful of issues, so all the complaining is baseless, to say the least. His story was always very simple, and there was no complexity to his character in the comics – so we shouldn't be surprised, really, that in 'Love and Thunder' Bale, however brilliant he is, is just a one-off.