Thought You Cried Enough Over Titanic? Deleted Scene Makes Ending Even Worse

Thought You Cried Enough Over Titanic? Deleted Scene Makes Ending Even Worse
Image credit: Legion-Media

In the 25 years that passed since the premiere of James Cameron's Titanic we seemed to have cried so much over the ending of this epic movie that new viewings of it led us to subdue our weeping over the years.

Well, prepare for brand new waterfalls. The story of Rose and Jack has become a true legend, a modern love myth, as iconic as anything could ever be.

Any love story of this scope has to be a tragedy, if culture and history have taught us anything. Take Greek myths or Shakespeare plays, or Tolstoy novels. Basically, almost everybody dies.

In the movie Titanic they do too, just as in real life when in the 1912 sinking more than 1,500 people (out of an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard the cruise ship) died, many of them due to the exposure to extremely cold waters, the temperature of which was way below normal for April.

Here we will not tackle the infamous door dispute here (you know the one: Whether both Rose and Jack could've fit on this piece of wood, and not just Rose alone).

The tear-jerking factor comes from another place: we have now learned of a DVD feature, a deleted scene from the movie, that has been making its rounds on the Internet recently.

This particular one shows the character of Rose (played by flawless Kate Winslet ) climbing aboard the rescue ship The Carpathia, that, as we all remember, came way too late to save those few survivors (as it actually did in reality as well).

In the sequence we also get to see the tortured Mr. Ismay (played by Jonathan Hyde) and distraught Ruth (Frances Fisher) searching for her daughter.

The last remaining survivor from the Titanic passed away in 2009 rendering the story a literal history, as no one is left to tell the tale. But the tragedy is very much immortalized in our hearts thanks to James Cameron.

Although, anyway, may the wrath of Gods fall upon the 1990's DVDs as we can't stop crying now.