Tom Cruise Agreed To Shoot 'Top Gun 2' On One Condition, And Here's What Val Kilmer Got To Do With It

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The sequel to the 1986 classic is currently reigning supreme in cinemas around the world, getting great reviews from critics and audiences alike, but one little-known fact may make fans love Tom Cruise even more.

Recently released film once again follows the life of Captain Pete Mitchell (Cruise) as he teaches a bunch of overconfident pilots how to properly fly military airships. But despite the terrific flight sequences, many single out another moment as the film's best – Mitchell's meeting with his former rival and onetime co-pilot Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky (Val Kilmer). As you know, Kilmer survived throat cancer, which caused him to completely lose his legendary voice. But he appeared in the film anyway, and the emotional resonance of that scene made millions of fans cry in movie theaters around the world.

And it seems that Tom Cruise planned to support his fellow star from the very first talk of a possible sequel production, as film's producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently revealed.

"It was the story Tom wanted to tell. Val felt comfortable doing it; it was very emotional filming. We knew Val from the beginning when he was a very young actor. And to see him even today and to see that he's still working on acting and he's got this great spirit, so helpful and just terrific filming. Tom actually said, 'I'm not making this movie unless Val's in it," Bruckheimer said.

Fans of the film applauded Cruise's decision to help his friend's career, praising the 'Mission Impossible' star for not making the film just about himself.

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