Tom Cruise Claims He Never Sleeps: How Is That Possible?

Tom Cruise Claims He Never Sleeps: How Is That Possible?
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Tom Cruise claims he doesn’t really sleep like normal people do in order to get more work done. This is not how human bodies work: how does Cruise combat the drawbacks?

Tom Cruise stands out even among the already big names in the movie industry: one of the most iconic and influential actors of all time, he’s famous for producing top-notch movies, performing the deadliest stunts on his own, and genuinely caring about the future of movies. Tom Cruise is everything, everywhere, all at once — but how?

It almost seems like the actor has more hours in a day than other people…and in a way, he does. Admittedly, since giving his own to the art of moviemaking takes up too much time, Tom Cruise simply sacrifices the most essential routine: sleeping.

Recently, during the premiere of Cruise’s latest movie Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part I, Cruise was asked whether his co-star was true to say they’d only seen the actor sleep twice in 17 years — once on a flight and once in a zero-gravity bed. The Maverick star laughed at the notion and confirmed his co-star’s words.

"I try not to [sleep]. You know what, I think I go unconscious. That’s what happens. My days start early and they go early,” Cruise shared with the journalist.

Earlier, the actor admitted that he only slept around four hours a day and even less when training for his stunts. Tom Cruise claims he’s always willing to sacrifice his resting time for the high goal of perfecting his stunts and movies in general.

But this must come at a price, right?

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Usually, yes. In Tom Cruise’s case, however, his years-long sleep deprivation doesn’t seem to negatively affect the actor’s quality of life or on-screen performance. Famous for his insane regeneration and physical abilities, Cruise admittedly learned to overcome all those mundane urges like sleeping or resting.

Just in case: we don’t recommend practicing going unconscious instead of sleeping, and neither does Tom Cruise. It may sound cool, but so do many other things this man does. They sound cool, they look cool, and they somehow work out — but we, the common folk, should probably steer clear of all things Tom Cruise.

As the meme goes, he’s just built different.

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