Trying to Outdo Endgame is a Losing Game For Marvel's Secret Wars

Trying to Outdo Endgame is a Losing Game For Marvel's Secret Wars
Image credit: Marvel

Rumor has it Kevin Feige is eyeing an Avengers movie even bigger than the finale of the Infinity Saga, but it is really a good idea?

Marvel will ruin everything if rumors are true and it does indeed pursue a goal of squeezing every single MCU character into the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars movie, fans believe.

The speculation is not yet an official stance, but Heavy Spoilers reported that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has a truly ambitious goal for Secret Wars to feature almost all major characters from current and past franchises. According to the rumor, it might make the movie an even bigger crossover than Avengers: Endgame was.

While Endgame brought together almost all characters from the main universe to battle Thanos, Secret Wars will allegedly turn itself into a superhero frenzy by summoning heroes from all across the multiverse to lock horns with Kang the Conqueror.

However, as the rumor is making waves online, fans are becoming increasingly concerned as to how reasonable such an aspiration is, if true.

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According to fans, Secret Wars is "a totally different animal" and it will be nonsensical to try and outdo Endgame with the new Avengers franchise installment. People believe that the movie should focus on a smaller cast of heroes from the comics, and not drag absolutely everyone, from X-Men to the three Spider-Man variants, into the multiverse frenzy.

"Luckily it's just a rumor, otherwise this should be about 5-6 hours because I don't see how they're going to tell a proper story," Twitter user MCUMarvels said.

Others, however, immediately argued that at this point, Secret Wars does not even have to have a story, but rather just be "a gigantic battle for supremacy" for the sake of it. Some people suggest that Secret Wars should be split into multiple parts, as one movie simply would not do it justice.

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While some Marvel fans are fuming over how storytelling seems to fall victim to cameos and fan service, others seem to be excited to see their favorite characters crammed into the upcoming movie. There are people who believe that Secret Wars might bring back some OG characters who have long been dead in the MCU, such as Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff.

Kevin Feige, however, is yet to confirm the speculations. Avengers: Secret Wars is scheduled to hit theaters on May 1, 2026.