Twilight: 5 Least Likable Side Characters, According to Fans

Twilight: 5 Least Likable Side Characters, According to Fans
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Let’s not address Bella and Edward’s many issues just this once, okay?

5. Michael Newton

In the world of vampires, werewolves, and monsters, being an overly confident high-schooler with an attitude might not be the biggest problem; still, Mike Newton’s rather problematic in many fans’ eyes. While clearly interested in Bella, he was at times too pushy — and at the same time, he was asking her best friend out, so yeah.

“Mike is a little too bold... When he asked Bella if she was with Edward and he was like, ‘You and Edward. I don’t like it.’ Like, okay? Some audacity he had! <...> He was so nice to her when she first came to school. But still, he was going to ask Jessica out while he still wanted Bella,” Reddit user Mitski7 pointed out.

4. Jessica Stanley

Jessica’s main sin is that she’s fake from the top to the bottom — which, in the world of Twilight, is far from the greatest offense. Still, her attitude toward other people and Bella, specifically, frustrates fans beyond imagination as Jess shifts her stance on her so-called friend every couple of days, either loving or insulting her all the time.

“[Jess] didn’t even really like Bella, she just wanted to be friends with the new girl. Then talks badly about her openly when she acts weird — which is, like, fair. But then acts like nothing is wrong because ‘nostalgia.’ It’s too much. Hate her or don’t, but let’s not flip-flop based on your mood, Jessica,” MilkPsychological957 wrote.

3. Rosalie Hale

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In Twilight, it’s often all about that attitude, as you might have already noticed — and no one quite beats Rosalie in that department. Sure, she had a tragic backstory and reasons to envy Bella, but come on! So many decades later, you just had to aim your venom at the one clueless girl who hasn’t done anything wrong to you, really?

“[Rosalie.] I get why people cut her slack, and I frankly do, too… But there’s only so long and only so much slack I feel she should be granted. And she’s just too selfish, vain, and petty for me,” Tacitus111 noted.

2. Sam Uley

Oh to even start listing all the things that are wrong with Sam… He left the girl who loved him to begin obsessively forcing himself on someone who hated his guts. He controls and abuses his pack, especially his ex Leah. He’s willing to kill the pregnant Bella in cold blood just because she may or may not give birth to a weird kid.

“The reason Emily has those scars? She told him he was the same as his father and he got so mad he shifted and tore half her face off. And suddenly he feels so guilty that Emily, who just had half her face torn off, feels the need to comfort him? Nah fam, I'm not liking this very much,” TheTragedyMachine wrote.

1. Renesmee Cullen

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No one likes picture-perfect characters who are never in the wrong and are just all-around amazing, and sadly, The Girl Who Must Not Be Named is among them. Bella and Edward’s daughter had next to no personality except for being a sweet angel incarnated, and that made her both bland and frustrating to follow.

“I think [Renesmee] is pretty unlikeable. <...> She’s got such Mary Sue vibes. She has zero personality. She just exists and everyone loves her. Everything bad about being a vampire doesn’t apply to [her], she only has to deal with the ‘good’ bits,” MooWithoutFear pointed out.