Twilight CGI Got One Thing Right, But Then There Was This VFX Nightmare

Twilight CGI Got One Thing Right, But Then There Was This VFX Nightmare
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The Twilight saga had some of its good moments, but it looks like it will be down in history for its bad ones.

The movie series about the eternal love between a vampire and a human high school girl might be the epitome of cringe, but it still enjoys fan love, albeit many people enjoy the Twilight saga ironically.

The movie are still being discussed online; and it turns out that many things were actually handled pretty great... while others are nothing short of a nightmare.

Think of the werewolves. Those were objectively good in the Twilight movies; the CGI is still being appreciated by many fans as one of the best werewolf-related special effects in movies. However, not every supernatural character was as lucky with their design, because... seriously, we will never forget Renesmee Cullen.

If Twilight was not a horror movie, then how do you explain people still waking up in the middle of the night because this thing haunts them in nightmares? Fortunately, that's now how the daughter of Bella and Edward looked in the final cut... but the final cut's CGI was also heavily criticized for its low-budget looking VFX.

Perhaps, all the money was spent on good-looking werewolves.

"All the budget was spent on them [the werewolves]. Renesmee's CGI was 1 intern, a red bull, Facetune and prayers I fear," Twitter user ZendayasDriving quipped.

Still, even though Renesmee looked like she was edited into the movie after being taken out of a video game, at least it was not the creepy robotic thing the Twilight team was initially considering for the role.

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At first, the team did want to convey Renesmee's abnormality through the use of the creepy animatronic, and ditching the idea was perhaps the best decision ever made in the movie industry.

So, every time you criticise the final cut's CGI, remember that it could be "Chuckesmee".

The first Twilight movie premiered in 2008, and the saga concluded with two Breaking Dawn movies that hit theatres in 2011 and 2012 respectively.