Twilight's Cheesiest Detail Was Also Its Most Charming (Until Breaking Dawn Ruined It)

Twilight's Cheesiest Detail Was Also Its Most Charming (Until Breaking Dawn Ruined It)
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Being cringey is what Twilight does best, and we can no longer deny it. But why on Earth did the saga have to try and fix the cringe?

The Cullen family entering Bella's school for the first time, donning their all-white looks and showing off their squeaky clean faces with those yellow eyes, is a core memory for many of us. Oh how many times we recreated this scene in memes and TikToks...

The vampire looks in Twilight have been the butt of the joke for quite some time even back in the years when the movies were just coming out. People simply don't look like that — but that was exactly what worked so well about the Cullen family, since they were not technically people.

Well, at some point, the Twilight saga decided it had to upgrade itself... and ruined its own most charming thing, suddenly making the vampires look like ordinary people in Breaking Dawn.

First of all, vampires are not supposed to age. Yet, Twilight's costume design department somehow managed to dress Rosalie in a way that immediately made her look so much older than she actually was.

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Besides, Carlisle suddenly looked like a normal 40-year-old in Breaking Dawn, while in fact he was supposed to be the diva we all love and cherish from the first movies.

Some fans think that maybe the Breaking Dawn director, Bill Condon, simply didn't enjoy the vampire part of the story that much and tried his best to make a movie about normal people instead.

"I've just watched Breaking Dawn pt 2 again and Rosalie has got a tan! I thought the same thing, they are supposed to appear exactly the same as in the Twilight movie. I understand them looking slightly different because they have aged in real life but the basics of white skin and the same hair styles wouldn't have been hard to do," Redditor International-War106 noted.

If Condon was indeed trying to make the Cullens more relatable, the looks should have honestly been the last thing he needed to change. After all, in Twilight vampires, we look for pale skin and golden eyes, not "the guy next door" appearance.

Don't get us wrong, the way Twilight vampires generally look is still hilarious, and Dracula would never approve. But come on, their cheesy looks were exactly what we loved best about the movies!

Source: Reddit