Twitter's 'Fantastic Four' Fancasting Is Challenging, but All Fans Agree On This One Thing

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With the reveal of John Krasinski's Mr. Fantastic in 'Doctor Strange 2', it looks like the MCU's 'Fantastic Four' is officially a thing.

As producers have already joined production on the upcoming film, fans are trying to decide which actors could play the legendary quartet of superheroes.

Many actors have played and voiced Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and The Thing over the years with relative success, so Feige's decision regarding casting could be very serious and ultimately affect the future of the franchise, as the Richards family will certainly play a huge role in the MCU.

After Krasinski officially confirmed his casting, Twitter was left in no doubt about the choice of actress for his screen wife Sue Richards – Krasinski's real-life wife Emily Blunt. The actress, known for her work in 'Edge of Tomorrow' and 'A Quiet Place', is certainly capable of starring in a major blockbuster, and her great chemistry with Krasinski is sure to light up the screen.

The role of The Thing is much more polarizing, with several actors popular among fans. The two most favored choices are Dwayne Johnson and Alan Ritchson. Johnson is certainly a great choice to portray huge and powerful Ben Grimm, but his paycheck would probably be very high, especially for a supporting role, and his current commitment to the DCEU as Black Adam would certainly affect his availability for a role in the MCU.

On the other hand, Alan Ritchson is a reasonable choice for joining the MCU, as the star of Amazon's 'Jack Reacher' is still just beginning his career, while his acting abilities are already appreciated by thousands of fans online. Ritchson's peak physicality is certainly perfect for the role, so his casting as The Thing is pretty easy to hope for.

Human Torch is a divider, though. There is no consensus among fans, and many young actors are mentioned, with even such interesting choices as Timothée Chalamet being voiced. But realistically speaking, the role of Johnny Storm quickly became a fan battle between Zac Efron and Dacre Montgomery. The Hollywood heartthrob is the favorite for the role, and his recent resurgence as a serious actor only strengthens his claim.

'Stranger Things' actor has less star power than his world-famous counterpart, but Feige may make a less expected choice in choosing a young and promising actor for the role of Human Torch. And fans will undoubtedly agree with this choice.

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