Two Reasons Why Scarlet Witch Solo Movie Simply Won't Work

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No matter how badly some fans want Wanda Maximoff to secure her own movie, there are things that do not quite work when it comes to it.

Over the past several months, Marvel fans have been indulging themselves in some sort of wishful thinking, hyping up the Scarlet Witch solo movie speculations and believing that the project will be announced at one of the big conventions.

However, neither Comic Con nor D23 brought fans what they wanted. But, according to some estimations shared by Reddit critics, we actually might be better off without the Scarlet Witch solo movie.

A Reddit breakdown of reasons why such a movie wouldn't work has listed several stumbling rocks about the potential project.

First thing is that Scarlet Witch as we now know her is simply way too powerful. With her chaos magic at full swing, she will hardly have any trouble defeating any kind of villain, which makes the movie somewhat predictable and boring already.

Another thing is... humor. Don't get too surprised, but humor and fun is a vital part of even the most dramatic Marvel projects.

"Even the Black Widow movie (which had the potential to be the darkest Marvel solo outing), had Natasha getting involved in humorous moments with Yelena, even though most of the humor came from Yelena and Red Guardian," the theory author twisted_llamas12 argued.

However, with Wanda, it's getting complicated. Will it even be appropriate to try and sprinkle her story with humor, especially in the wake of the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where she practically embarked on a killing spree?

Even putting her alongside "a wise-cracking, quippy side-kick wouldn't work" because of Wanda's background being way too disturbing. In fact, this is also why the comic version of Wanda rarely flies solo, being more of a team player – be it an ensemble villain or ensemble hero (the roles we got to see on the big screen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Infinity Saga).

Still, it's also true that Wanda has become a fan favorite following the success of WandaVision that allowed more fans to delve into her personal tragedy and become invested – to a point of many people being ready to forgive her for the massacre she carried out in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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