Unbelievable Story Of Titanic Cast And Crew Being Drugged With PCP While Shooting

Unbelievable Story Of Titanic Cast And Crew Being Drugged With PCP While Shooting
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

The mystery that was never resolved.

Many things can happen during a movie production, from minor mishaps to tragic, fatal accidents that claim the lives of cast and crew. Nowadays, film sets are fully equipped with all the emergency tools and teams that can act immediately if something goes wrong.

However, some stories are so bizarre that no one could ever expect them to happen. Not to mention preparing for the aftermath.

The production of James Cameron 's Titanic was filled with many difficulties, but one night in particular would be the night to remember for everyone involved. After a day's work, the cast and crew were ready for dinner, which for a good half of them ended up at Dartmouth General Hospital.

As one of the crew members, Jake Clarke, recalled in the 25th anniversary interview for Vulture, everyone was very scared when they felt something they couldn't quite put their finger on:

“We had a room for the grips and electricians, and one of the guys started talking really hyper. He’s a big guy, like six-four, and he says, ‘Do you guys feel okay? Because I don’t’ <...> And just as he was saying this, we saw James Cameron run by the door and this extra running behind him. He said, ‘There’s something in me! Get it out!’

As it turned out, the food and drinks served that night were laced with PCP. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, and the film's stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, were unaffected by the drug. But the experience still remains one of the strangest the film industry has ever seen.

What's worse, authorities have been unable to determine who was behind the incident, so their intentions remain unknown. The only hope is that this was nothing more than a very scandalous prank and that no malicious intent was involved.

If you want to honor the masterpiece that Titanic turned out to be against all the odds, you can go ahead and re-watch the film by streaming it on Netflix or Disney Plus.

Source: Vulture