Unlikely Reason People Hate James Gunn Will Surprise You

Unlikely Reason People Hate James Gunn Will Surprise You
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James Gunn's appointment in charge of DC Studios was aimed at starting a new era of the DC Universe, but this decision turned out more controversial than expected.

Gunn's expertise and experience in superhero movies are simply unmatched, and his unique directing style has led one too many films to overwhelming success, his attitude towards his job often puts him in conflict with others.

And we're not even talking about the recent pin-the-blame situation with The Rock and the DC Studios.

The movie industry's scoopers admit that they hate Gunn for always ruining their efforts; in return, the director claims just the same about them.

While it's understandable for a director to despise the people spoiling his works, do you know why the scoopers hate him back?

The reason for that is James Gunn 's obsession with protecting his movies. As Hollywood scoopers share, the director is willing to publicly say literally anything if it disproves a recent leak…

And he doesn't mind doing that even when the scoop is correct, pretty much lying and making the journos look terrible in public.

The revelation began when a fan asked one of the industry's most reliable scoopers, Divinity Seeker, about some juicy news about the DC's projects.

In reply, Divinity stated that both he and his colleagues hate scooping on DC because of Gunn's constant attempts to make them look like idiots when they share insides.

In the comments, they referenced the case with Moth Culture whose scoop turned out to be correct in the end — but it didn't help their reputation since Gunn publicly stated that the scoop was false.

The real question is, why is James Gunn doing this?

It seems that he just really hates scoopers and feels overly protective of his work-in-progress projects — after all, he said himself that scoops don't really affect the audience's reception of a film.

"If a movie can be ruined by spoilers, it's not a good movie. <...> Knowing spoilers only very slightly affects the viewer's pleasure, if at all," the director wrote on his Twitter.

Since apparently, Gunn realizes that scoops don't really ruin the experience, only one possible explanation is left: the famous director simply hates the scoopers and is ready to say whatever it takes to make them look bad and stop scooping on him.

With this he succeeded, to be honest — the scoopers admit this themselves.