Unpacking Glass Onion Mystery? Nah, Let's Freak Out Over Craig's Southern Twang

Unpacking Glass Onion Mystery? Nah, Let's Freak Out Over Craig's Southern Twang
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The way Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc talks in Knives Out stirs some controversy among fans.

Fans seem to be enjoying Knives Out: Glass Onion as much as they can despite the things Daniel Craig does to them with his... southern accent.

Less than a week after its release, Glass Onion has made itself comfortable in Twitter trends and in Netflix 's most-watched lists. However, Craig's accent was so infuriating for fans they are now calling to "formally ban" the actor from ever attempting to do it again.

"Glass Onion was excellent, if only for Daniel Craig's fashion choices and to hear him say "sh**balls" in a Southern accent," Twitter user bendodson said.

Other fans believe they know who inspired Craig when he was practicing his American accent.

Craig, who is a British actor, had no mercy for fans with his Southern accent — but some people ended up actually enjoying it.

"Casting Daniel Craig is brilliant too; take the womanizing James Bond but give him a southern accent and respect for women and you get Blanc," Twitter user bleedthatpurple said.

Despite all the controversy, the highlight of Glass Onion (& Knives Out) has got to be Daniel Craig's portrayal of Benoit Blanc. Talk about loving a role - Craig really throws himself into it, with the accent, the outfit, the cigars, and those monologues. It's like he's been waiting for a chance to break out of the Bond mold, and boy does he relish playing a funky southern gay detective. Some fans, however, aren't ready to let go.

"Bond’s clearly resurfaced after faking his death in the last movie and has assumed a new identity as southern super-sleuth Benoit Blanc. It’s all there," one of the fans joked.

Glass Onion is a sequel to the first Knives Out movie, with the third film already in early development. Whatever one thinks of Blanc's accent, Daniel Craig does enjoy a huge paycheck no matter how "horrendously" his character speaks: for Glass Onion, he received as much as $50 million.

Glass Onion is available for streaming on Netflix since December 23.