Unreleasable, You Say? Batgirl Star Shades DC For Axing "Incredible" Movie

Unreleasable, You Say? Batgirl Star Shades DC For Axing
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Many DC fans still have a Batgirl-shaped hole in their hearts after the studio's new executives decided to cancel the film even though it was already finished.

In her first interview since DC shockingly canceled her movie Batgirl, actress Leslie Grace revealed to Variety that she and the studio were not in complete agreement about the quality of the canceled movie that caused so much turmoil in August.

It turns out that Grace, like the rest of DC fans, found out the movie was killed through media reports. And while she and the rest of the crew were expecting some updates from studio executives on how to expand the movie to make sure it was theatrically viable, the news was much more shocking.

Grace was one of the few people who got to see the unfinished cut of Batgirl before it was ultimately shelved, and her opinion of it is drastically different from new DC studio head Peter Safran, who said the film was "unreleasable" and could hurt DC.

"The film that I got to see — the scenes that were there — was incredible. There was definitely potential for a good film, in my opinion. Maybe we'll get to see clips of it later on," Grace told Variety.

The actress admitted that the movie had a lot of problems, but nothing that she felt could not be fixed.

Grace also revealed that neither Safran nor his co-chairman James Gunn reached out to her after the film was finished. However, she wished them luck with the new roadmap for DC, noting that it is "not an easy job."

The interview had fans reliving the trauma of Batgirl's cancellation, and once again blaming Gunn and Safrain for treating the film crew so "dirty." Others, however, feel that the fandom should finally let go and accept reality.

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Batgirl was canceled in August in order for the studio to receive a tax write-off, with executives believing that the film was too bad to release. According to the studio, it was repositioning itself for more theatrical releases and not streaming, and Batgirl did not fit the new concept.