Val Kilmer's Performance in 'Top Gun: Maverik' Left Fans Heartbroken

Val Kilmer's Performance in 'Top Gun: Maverik' Left Fans Heartbroken
Image credit: Legion-Media

Tom Cruise's pilot saga just got a sequel, and fans and critics are unanimously praising it for its great cinematography, script, and the absolutely outstanding performance by Val Kilmer.

The original Cruise-led film was released back in 1986 and has long been considered a cult classic of American cinema. That's why many fans were alarmed when they heard the news that a sequel was in the works, to be directed by Joseph Kosinski. But it seems that the idea turned out to be a terrific one, with millions of people calling Maverick the best summer blockbuster in years. But despite the ingeniously shot flight sequences being the particular standout, many praised Val Kilmer for his beautiful and truly heartbreaking performance.

Kilmer reprised his role of Tom 'Iceman' Kazanski and, despite losing his voice due to serious illness, managed to convey so much through his eyes that the audience returned from the theater stunned. Kilmer only appeared in a couple of scenes, but the lasting impression of his performance made the entire film an incredible journey of love and redemption.

Many fans praised Kosinski and Cruise for inviting Kilmer back, praising them for their careful and respectful treatment of the Hollywood legend.

Some fans are even teasing Disney, suggesting that they could have used a CGI model instead of a real actor.