'Vampire Diaries' Creator Mourns The End Of 'Legacies'

'Vampire Diaries' Creator Mourns The End Of 'Legacies'
Image credit: The CW

Julie Plec took to Twitter to honor the long-running vampire franchise, reaching out to fans with words of condolence.

The original 'Vampire Diaries' series premiered on The CW way back in 2009, and within the first few episodes it had gained a huge fandom and great ratings. That massive show became a number one hit for the network, ran for eight seasons and spawned two relatively successful spin-offs, 'The Originals' and 'Legacies'. Without the famous characters from the original, both spin-offs suffered slightly in ratings, especially when compared to the behemoths ratings of the 'Vampire Diaries'.

However, The CW seems to have been quite satisfied with Plec's creation, allowing the franchise to last for 13 years. But now it seems the network simply can't afford to keep 'Legacies' on air, abruptly axing it after an ongoing Season 4. Fans are clearly upset, as is Plec herself, who took to Twitter to express her grief.

Fans came to support the creator of their beloved franchise, expressing their gratitude for the development of the shows they all grew up loving.

Others are urging Plec to try to shop 'Legacies' to another channel, in hopes of getting it greenlit for an extension there.