Vampire or Spider? Crazy Fan Theory Links Sony's Worst Movie to Its Best

Vampire or Spider? Crazy Fan Theory Links Sony's Worst Movie to Its Best
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Yes, fans went there.

Across the Spider-Verse is a huge success with audiences and critics alike. Of course, such a big event in the world of cinema could not help but generate a lot of speculation. And a new theory connects the cinematic universe to the Miles Morales cartoon.

Once again, a fan idea tries to shed light on the identity of Miguel O'Hara (aka Spider-Man 2099). Redditor TheSarassalandEmpire believes that one of the cartoon's antagonists is not who he claims to be. And no, it's not another theory that Miguel is the Prowler, who was Miles' uncle in the previous movie.

The first clue the fan found was in the moment when 2099 is asked about his sense of humor, because all Spider-People have it, but O'Hara walks around with a sour face all the time.

The Redditor believes that the villain was probably born on Earth-42, where he was supposed to be Spider-Man, but an insect from that world bit Miles, so now Miguel is angry at the innocent kid.

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But if O'Hara isn't the adored superhero, then who is he? Of course, the Redditor thought that 2099 must be a scientist, since he's found a way to move between dimensions. And most likely, O'Hara is Morbius, since the famous vampire is also a scientist.

The user started looking for more hints and realized that Miguel is the Spanish version of the name Michael, and the creature that drinks human blood is literally named Michael Morbius.

The vampire's first appearance was in the Spider-Man comic book, where he was the villain. More importantly, Morbius tries to heal himself with the blood of Peter Parker (and his other variations) and electricity.

While many found this suggestion interesting, some fans don't quite buy this theory, and others don't think Miguel is evil at all. 2099 just lacks sympathy, but considering he lost his family, you can hardly blame him for his lack of humor.

Viewers have also noticed that O'Hara looks a lot like his comic book version. 2099 is Peter's heir, and his DNA has been fused with a venom that gives him inhuman strength, though he uses his claws to crawl on surfaces.

Audiences will get all the answers when Beyond the Spider-Verse hits theaters next March. Until then, we can only guess.

Source: Reddit