Vecna Actor Unveils Dark Secrets Behind 'Stranger Things 4' Main Villain

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Hardly anyone can know more about the character than the actor playing it.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for season 4 of 'Stranger Things'

Jamie Campbell Bower has been kept in the dark about the details of his role in 'Stranger Things', with the secrecy even reaching the levels when he hardly knew anything about the character he was playing until the very last moment.

Speaking to IGN, Bower was finally able to reveal the aspects of his work on Vecna.

"I think with Henry, there is still a bit of humanity in him," he said. "You might be able to kind of calm him down and talk him round, but once she sends him to his demise, as it were, or into his moment of change, I think the humanity is gone. It's just full-on hatred, full-on resentment that's already added to this feeling of 'the world's a f**ked up place enough as it is.'"

According to Bower, Vecna's pattern of haunting his victims comes from Henry Creel's upbringing, as he would target those who are overwhelmed by guilt or traumas after dealing with someone's death.

"He goes after people predominantly with guilt and with shame," the actor explains. "When we go through these periods of guilt and shame, it does weaken [us], because it becomes an obsessive thought and it's an uncomfortable feeling. And so I think it's him seeking rightful vengeance, is what I would call it."

There are still two final episodes of season 4 for us to learn more about Campbell's vile character in 'Stranger Things'. Even though Max has escaped Vecna, the villain remains undefeated. His fate will be disclosed on July 1, after Volume 2 hits Netflix.

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